Two recent studies carried out by FRI-EL GREEN HOUSE S.R.L. witness the excellent results obtained by the company in reducing its footprint on the environment by adopting virtuous processes.

Scope of studies, the impact of production of Fresh Guru branded vine tomatoes, analysed in two different production cycles; winter production cycle with the use of LED lights and summer production cycle with natural light.

The “Climate Change” study has assessed the potential impact on global warming for all life cycle stages of production of tomatoes:

  • extraction and processing of raw materials
  • manufacturing
  • transport
  • distribution
  • use, reuse and recycling
  • final disposal.

The methodology used complied with the ISO 14040 and 14044 standards of Life Cycle Analysis, hence validated by the certification authority QSCA.
”Water Footprint” is the study that allowed FRI-EL to assess its water footprint, by analysing the management of water along the entire production cycle. Also in this case, the study obtained the validation of QSCA due to the quantity of water used in the manufacturing process and its environmental footprint being compliant with the ISO 14046 standard.

Both studies confirm the ongoing commitment of the company to protect the environment for a more sustainable market.